Jambo na Karibu
These are the first words visitors hear everywhere they go, and they mean Hello and welcome and are never warmly meant than in the country that is the original home of the safaris and the ultimate destination for a world class holiday. A country where the sun never sets on adventure – KENYA
Nairobi the capital city of Kenya
Nairobi the capital city of Kenya is situated in the Southern part of the country at the altitude of 1,660 meters above sea level. It is considered one of the most prominent cities in Africa, housing many multinational companies and organizations including United Nations offices (UN) .Today, Nairobi is a cosmopolitan city attracting different ethnicities and nationalist, and has a population currently estimated at 5 million. Lastly but not least Nairobi is the only city in the whole world with a National park.

Things to do in Nairobi

1. Nairobi National Park – The park occupies 117km square and was the first national park established in Kenya in 1946. It is the only wildlife park in the whole world where free ranging lions and Rhinos among many wild animals share a city with humans and the only protected wildlife area in the world bordering a capital city and dubbed “The world’s only Wildlife capital” Clients have 2 options on how to visit the park. Clients can do half day game drive from starting 07.00am in the morning or full day game drive.

2. Nairobi Animal Orphanage – Established in 1964, it is the oldest animal orphanage in Kenya and set in Nairobi National Park. It is a refuge and rehabilitation center for wild animals found abandoned or injured in Kenya. Animals at the facilities undergo a thorough medical examination, followed by treatment if needed, before entering into an appropriate feeding and rehabilitation program this will 2 hours. WILDLIFE: Llion, Cheetah, Hyena, Jackal, serval, rare sokoke cats, warthog, ostrich, leopards, various monkeys, baboon, buffalo, parrots, guinea fowl, crown crane

3. Shedrick Elephant orphanage – The Orphanage is located within Nairobi National Park with the entrance on Nairobi to Kiserian road. It is a center for rehabilitation and rearing of orphaned baby elephants. It was founded by Daphne Sheldrick in 1977 in honor of her late husband and famous naturalist David Leslie William Sheldrick. Daphne Seldrick his wife continues his work of raising orphaned elephants that have been brought to her from all over the country. The orphanage is a charitable organization and is open to visitors daily between 11.00 am and 12.00 pm when baby elephants take there mud baths.
The orphanage has a truly dedicated and experienced team that is committed to ensuring the survival of these animals and their successful re-introduction into the natural wild. The feeding time is truly interesting with the baby elephants behaving just like babies, naughty, playing and running around trying to catch the attention of every one.

4. Giraffe Centre – The center was started as a refuge for the endangered Rothschild giraffe trans located from Western Kenya. It is the perfect location to see giraffe eye-to- eye and feed them with special made hay-pellets, which they take from your hand using their sticky 25- inch long blue-grey tongues. Today there are more than 3,500 Rothschild giraffe in Kenya with the biggest herd at Soysambu Conservancy on the shores of Lake Elmentaita.

5. Museums: Nairobi National Museum- Snake Park and Botanical Gardens
The park hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions about people’s cultures, wildlife, prehistory and restaurants. It has a specific designated art gallery exhibits works by contemporary Kenyan and international artist.
The adjoining Snake Park has a large collection of reptiles and mammals. The Botanical gardens and nature trail have the Kaya forest, grasses, of Kaya and Sculpture including medicinal plants. Located on the grounds of Nairobi National Museum this will be half day tour

6. Karen Blixen Museum – The Museum was set up in 1985 on the Blixens coffee farm at the foot of the Ngong hills and still remains much of its original features. The colonial farm is indeed well preserved. Much of the original furniture. The colonial farm house is indeed well-preserved in their original oil portraits painted by Ms Blixen. Within the compound is a coffee drying plant and small carriage that were used to ferry the coffee to the Market.
Briefly, Karen Blixen is the of the famous book Out of Africa which was made into a film in 1985. She lived in the then house M’Bogani house from 1913 to 1931 and her pen name was Isak Dinesen. The house was built by a Swedish settler 1n 1911 and Karen coffee company took it over in 1913 when Bror Blixen bought the coffee company for Karen. Just before the Karen Blixen Museum is the Swedish house that was bought in 1919 as the residence for the Swedish manager of the coffee plantation. Experienced and well versed guides are available to take visitors through the house, with very detailed with explanation about the history of Karen and her life.

7. Where to shop while in Nairobi

Masai Market is an open air market ideal for African handcrafts, Jewelery and souvenirs like beaded jewellery, batiks, baskets, sculptures, and paintings. Below are some places where the market is held.
Wednesday- Capital center along Mombasa road
Friday- Village market Gigiri
Thursday –The Junction shopping Centre
Saturday – Nairobi law court grounds (cbd)
Friday – Uchumi Wilson airport.
Sunday – Nairobi Law court and Yaya Centre hurlingham
Saturday – Uchumi Wilson airport

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