Guaranteed daily at 12.30 pm local time and 07.00 pm local time .Nairobi has many restaurants offering variety of cuisine. We recommend Lunch or dinner at the carnivore which is famous for the succulent stew and barbeque dishes of Game meat as an excellent compliment to a holiday in Kenya, especially as an excellent welcome or Farwell Dinner. The Carnivore restaurant Nairobi’s old time favourite and internationally acclaimed, The Carnivore is a meat speciality restaurant and the ultimate ‘ Beast of a feast’

The carnivore restaurant

Nairobi’s old time favorite and internationally acclaimed. The Carnivore is a meat specialty restaurant and the ultimate “Beast” of a feast. Whole joints of meat, legs of lamp and pork, haunches of exotic meat, rumps of beef, sirloins, racks of lamp spare ribs  even crocodile meat and other tasty morsels  are roasted on traditional Masai  swords  over a huge, spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant.

The Simba saloon at the Carnivore

The Simba saloon at the Carnivore is for those who do not want to indulge in large meal, it serves pizzas from a traditional doomed brick oven, an extremely popular salad bar at lunch time ,steaks, hamburgers, scampi, trout, chicken and other light includes a night club from Wednesday  to Sunday and has themed nights to carter for fans of contemporary  African music, rock, soul, jazz and other latest hits

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