Bamburi Nature trails – Hailer park(half day trip or full day)

This is the largest anima sanctuary in Mombasa, once a barren limestone quarry from year of the mining, today it is a thriving coastal forest. Its success is largely due to Rene Haller an agro forester who since the 1970shas been the force behind its transformation.

There are four major routes in the forest for cycling, jogging, walking and fitness. The forest trails began as a one million tree project in 1986 along the stretch between the plant and Shanzu. A 3.6 km leisurely takes you through lush forest, lakes,sream , palm grooves and plantations of indigenous trees.

The integrated wetland system is an interesting future. Hippos-Sally and Potty, a buffalo, Elands, Oryx giraffes, Crocodile and a group of water birds like Eagles, Herons, Egrets, Cormorants and Kingfishers etc

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