The Republic of Kenya in East Africa derives her name from Mount Kenya the tallest Mountain in the country, which dominates the central highlands and the only Mountain on the Equator with snow.

Kenya has a rich vibrant history and is a wildlife haven famous for her Big Five (5) namely ; Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and the Leopard. Not only can this be seen there are many other wild animals and Birds as well. Visitors can visit our National Parks and National reserves for Big game drives and later relax at our Coastal beach resorts.

Kenya has set new standard of hospitality, our Tourism product is immensely attractive and
remains unique. This being the third year we are blessed to host one of the biggest Events in the world.

This is the World Rally Championship (WRC) which starts from 22 nd June to 25 th June 2023 this is one of the toughest rallies in the world, Mechanical sympathy. Some sections are so rocky they must be tackled at little more than walking pace.

Drivers must resist the temptation to treat the Safari like a normal gravel event. Heavy rain brings an additional challenge to an already grueling rally.

Few will have come across the deep water and unbelievably slippery mud that can replace dusty roads in a matter of minutes. Expect the unexpected in Kenya, We wish the organizers and drivers all the best…

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